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Transatlantic Manchester Ultimate Frisbee Derby

Posted April 15, 2011 - Written by Steve Morgan

Traditionally a derby is played by two close teams. We have a twinned club in Manchester, New Hampshire. The 3140 miles separating the two clubs shouldn't be an issue I feel to hosting a derby.

To make this work DUFFA and MUFF will both play a fixture at their home grounds. We'll split our squad and call half "MUFF" and they will play on behalf of our transatlantic cousins. The other half will wear the DUFFA shirt with the spirit and pride we all know.

The game will be 50 minutes - no cap. We'll keep the scores secret until both games have been played and announce the winner (summing the scores). In the event of a tie away points will count as two.

To make this work anyone playing will have a shirt - a special commemorative DUFFA / MUFF Derby shirt with a unique logo. we're hoping to get these made for less than GBP8 but you would be committing to playing for this if you sign up.

We're going to try really hard to get our local newspapers, radio (possibly even local TV!) to cover this.