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DUFFA's 8th Birthday Party!

Posted April 30, 2015 - Written by Richard

DUFFA's 8th birthday is fast approaching and we'd love you to come and get involved! Please excuse the excessive number of exclamation marks but we're really excited about it! Come and join us for a full day of celebration on Saturday 2nd May 2015!

9.30am - Disc Golf, Longford Park, Chorlton
Join us for a round of disc golf on our 9-hole course in Longford Park! Discs and tuition provided free-of-charge! Bring the family! Directions to Longford Park can be found here... http://tinyurl.com/knx5mhn

1.00pm - Mini Hat Tournament, Fog Lane Park, Withington
Our annual birthday mini-hat tournament kicks off at 1pm! Depending on numbers we'll have four teams playing 15-20min games. The final is usually played around 3.30pm.

4.00pm - The 2nd Annual DUFFA Soccer Ball Trophy Bowl, Fog Lane Park, Withington
Prepare yourselves for some top-quality football as the Blues take on the Reds in the match of the century! We'll even have a fully inflated ball this year! Ladies, don't let the gents have all the fun!

6.00pm/7.00pm - DUFFA's 8th Birthday Party and AGM
After going home to shower and change we'll head to 18 Fordbank Road, Didsbury, M20 2TH for our birthday barbeque! Bring your own meat, bread, salad, dips and beer (if you don't bring anything you can't eat or drink anything!) We'll rattle through the AGM, vote for our committee members for 2015/2016 and host our of end-of-year awards ceremony! Then we'll eat, drink, be merry and have a darn good time!