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DUFFA - Didsbury Ultimate Frisbee For Amateurs • Blog
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Revised Winter Times

November 16, 2007

As the nights continue to draw in we are now starting at 1430 on Sundays.

Old Man Winter Returns

November 16, 2007

As the clocks have gone back and the cold is setting in we no longer play weekdays. We are looking at trying to find a floodlit pitch or an affordable indoor option.

We now play at 1500hrs every Sunday, weather is not a factor, we are hard 'uns!

Tim Chimpy Craven Wins City Life Comedian of the Year 2007!

October 29, 2007

With great support from DUFFA team mates and some other people he claims are his friends, Tim clinched the City Life Comedian of the Year award!

Congratulations Tim! Read more here


October 28, 2007

We now own www.duffa.org and are on the world wide web! Most of our meetings and banter takes place in our facebook group which you can find here

A baby is born, that baby is DUFFA!

September 9, 2007

We are now a properly constituted club! We decided to get organised so that we could get a bank account, that being the first step toward getting sports funding from lottery funds or the council. It might take us a while to get through the first funding cycle, but the chances are good that we could get funding for things like t-shirts or indoor pitchs for winter play.

‚ÄčAt our first meeting/BBQ, we adopted a constitution and elected an executive committee. Alan Heckman is the Chair, Steve Morgan is the Secretary, John Mulliss is the Treasurer, and Steve Senior, Hannah Spokes, and James Griffin fill out the committee. If you want to be on the formal membership list of DUFFA, tell Steve Morgan; He will add you as long as you have been to two events. There is no membership fee or anything like that. No one has to be a member; DUFFA events will always be open to everyone and welcoming to complete beginners. The Constitution and the minutes of our organising meeting are available now from http://www.duffa.org

The First Ever DUFFA!

May 24, 2007

Little did we know that our first ever DUFFA session would go so well! So well in fact - we did it all again a week later!!