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Our very own annual tournament

What is DUFFA Hat?

Every year we host one of the largest "Hat Tournaments" in Europe. It's an Ultimate Frisbee tournament where people sign up as individuals and are put onto balanced teams (not really picked from a "hat" but that's the idea..) and given their own coloured tournament shirt. It creates a fun and friendly tournament experience with players attending from all over Europe! The weekend includes camping close the pitches and a huge party on the Saturday night. We like to think it's become one the highlights on the Ultimate calendar for pros and beginners alike!

BREAKING NEWS: Dates for DUFFA Hat 2013 are confirmed as 27th/28th July 2013. 

Ye Olde DUFFA Manchester Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament - MMXII

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who came, played, volunteered, smiled and loved DUFFA Hat 2012. No single team lost all their games, the spirit level was high and the rain stayed away!

​DUFFA Manchester Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament 2012

Dates: - 14th & 15th July 2012

Location: - Old Bedians Rugby Club, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 5QX

Theme:- DUFFA will be taking it's players through the ages of horrid history - we promise a "Blast in the Past!"

We are proud to bring you Ye Olde DUFFA Hat MMXII - it will have:
  • Two days of awesome ultimate - at least 6, 55 minute matches
  • Free team shirt - unique to your team!
  • Friday and Saturday night camping (possible to stay Sunday night on arrangement)
  • Saturday night food
  • Pitch-side refreshments - e.g. fruit & water
  • Saturday night - themed "Horrid History" - fancy dress and party - taking you through the ages of horrid history with games and prizes
  • Awesome tournament prizes
  • DUFFA extras - 2011 had a surprise brass band (most of the Committee didn't even know!), a live Funk and Soul band, a big top - how can we top that!? - You'll see!
DUFFA Hat is a completely non-profit tournament - we do it because we love it! Because of this, every penny we get is invested into the tournament - making it better for you!

Click here for more details of what a hat tournament is!!



  • Spirit: Smashing Saxons
  • 1st Wild West Wranglers
  • 2nd Stormin' Normans
  • 3rd Bronze Age Brutes
  • 4th Gruesome Gauls
  • 5th Evil Egyptians
  • 6th Vicious Vikings
  • 7th Randy Romans
  • 8th Beastly Babylonians
  • 9th Dark Age Dorks
  • 10th Savage Stone Agers
  • 11th Monstrous Mongols
  • 12th Sinister Stuarts
  • 13th Cut Throat Celts
  • 14th Terrible Tudors
  • 15th Incredible Incas
  • 16th Groovy Greeks
  • 17th Angry Aztecs
  • 18th Gorgeous Georgians
  • 19th Crazy Cave Men
  • 20th Blitzed Brits
  • 21st Nasty Neanderthals
  • 22nd Erratic Elizabethans
  • 23rd Smashing Saxons
  • 24th Vile Victorians

Registration - SOLD OUT!

Wow - thank you so much for making our tournament feel even more special. We sold out 144 minutes after opening UK registration. 


DUFFA Hat 2012 will be it's fifth year and each year has only be made possible thanks to our lovely sponsors. The premium sponsor in 2010 received an advert on over 300 Ultimate Players shirts, other sponsors received a link on the website, advertisement in the DUFFA Hat Programme, and feature on the sponsors board used during prize giving and the Saturday night party. If you're interested in sponsoring for 2013 take a look at our 2012 sponsor pack, email any enquiries to info@duffa.org or call Steve on 07968 694745 

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DUFFA Hat Tournament 2011

2011 Hat - "It's Showtime...!"

DUFFA's Manchester Hat Tournament 2011 was a great success! More details here 

DUFFA Hat Tournament is kindly supported by:
DUFFA Hat Tournament is kindly supported by: