Are you an overseas player (e.g. NOT British and not living in the UK)???

Don't join the waiting list - email us We will probably have a space for you!

DUFFA Hat aims to have a balanced tournament with the very best spirit - we love having foreign players - they help make the tournament the most spirited tournament in Europe!

DUFFA Hat 2022 - Registration

DUFFA Hat is:

  • Two days of awesome ultimate – at least six matches
  • DUFFA Hat athletic shirt unique to your team
  • Friday night karaoke welcome party
  • Free meal on Saturday evening
  • Saturday night fancy dress party with FREE 3-pint challenges
  • Sideline games and team challenges
  • Free camping
  • More prizes than you can shake a stick at.
  • A festival atmosphere and loads of new friends for everyone.
All this included in the £50 tournament fee!

The registration process is a weighted lottery. We do this to ensure the tournament registration is as fair as we can make it. We'll allocate spaces based on a number of scoring factors to ensure DUFFA Hat is as good as we can make it.

We understand that lots of players like to come with their friends - please register together - if one person in a group gets a space from the lottery we'll invite the others in the group. This actually may increase your chances of being successful.

PLEASE be honest on your registration form, hat tournaments only work if we all uphold The Spirit of the Game!

FAQs on Registration

Q: How long is registration open for?

A: Registration opens at 18:00 Tuesday 7th Jun. Registrations received before 00:00 Monday 11th Jul will be entered into the weighted lottery. All registrations received afterwards will be placed on the waiting list.

Q: How can I improve my chances of getting a space?

A: Be honest! We review all player ratings and we reward honesty. There's also a space on the registration form for you to tell us in under 250 words why you should get a space. If you want you can add YouTube links, offers of bribes or just basic pleading!

Q: I want to come with my friends - will it affect my chances?

A: Signing up as a group will probably IMPROVE your chances... that said solo-registrations won't be penalised either, just be honest!

Q: But I've been every year since 2008 / I've never been... I MUST get a space!

A: Tell us this in the registration notes... we might take it into account!

Q: When will I know if I have a space?

A: After we close registration at 00:00 Monday 11th Jul we hope to start sending out the first offers of spaces. After this point everyone else joins the waiting list and will be offered spaces where people fail to pay in time or drop out of the tournament.

Q: If I get offered a space what happens then?

A: We'll send you instructions on how to transfer the registration fees - you'll have one week to pay. If you need more time for a Student Loan or wages please email us straight back and we can hold the space for you. If you're going on holiday or won't be able to check your emails on 00:00 Monday 11th Jul please let us know in the registration notes.

DUFFA Hat Waiting List Entry

How many people are you registering?

Player 1

Are you planning to camp (included in £50 tournament fee)?
Would you like to buy a tournament disc - special offer - £12!
* - Shirts are unisex (e.g. Male sizes) - we can't guarantee you'll get the exact size due to the nature of a hat tournament but we'll try our best!

Ultimate Experience Level (all welcome, hover over for more details)

Spirit - Level of Spirit
Comfortable playing as a handler?

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DUFFA Hat Pledge

We aim to make DUFFA Hat the most fun, welcoming and all-round best tournament in the world. We can only do this with your help... if you want to come to DUFFA Hat we have a pledge which you must take. If you're signing up multiple players you're taking the DUFFA Hat Pledge on their behalf.
I will be at the Saturday night party ready to rock in fancy dress!
I understand I'll be on a team with players of all abilities - from total beginner to international superstar. I will pass to each and everyone on my team and will ensure that everyone gets time on the pitch (encouraging them on and giving up my space if necessary). I won't hog the disc and I won't look people off if I think they aren't as good as me - even in "important" points.
I will play my very best Ultimate whilst upholding the values of The Spirit of the Game and I will encourage everyone on my team to do the same. For those of you new to Ultimate, Spirit of the Game promotes respect amongst competitors, adherence to the rules, and the basic joy of play. Playing Ultimate in a sporting fashion is Rule #1!
If you have any problems registering please email us