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DUFFA - Didsbury Ultimate Frisbee For Amateurs • DUFFA AGM 2007 - September 2007
DUFFA Ultrastar Animated Spinning Disc



Minutes for Annual General Meeting of Didsbury Ultimate Frisbee For Amateurs Held at Alan and Shelley Heckman's house, Erskine Street, Hulme, Manchester, Sunday 9th September 2007 at 2000hrs




Martin Tapley

Corrinne Averiss


Sally Humphries

James Griffin


Christopher Hollinworth

Vivienne Yin


Helen Attisha

Hannah Spokes


Mark Thompson

James Leach


Yvonne Hung

Shelley Heckman


Simon Jermy

Mark  Mynett


Steve Senior

James ‘Chef’ Melzack


James Farr

Phil ‘Scouse’ Torpey


John Mulliss

T. Alan Heckman


Steve Morgan



Apologies – n/a



Item #




None required as membership yet to be agreed.


Introduction and Welcome, Order of Service, Proposition for Alan Heckman to Chair Meeting

AGM to include Ratifying Constitution, Committee Nominations and Voting,

Winter training times, AOB


RESOLVED: Alan Heckman to hold chair for the first meeting, unanimously agreed by all present.


Ratify Constitution

Temporary Chair noted that most present were slightly inebriated but hoped that could make sound judgement.

Draft of Constitution was passed around for comments and questions.

Questions asked:

Q: YH – Are there membership fees?

A: None written into the constitution but going forward this could be introduced if the committee decide. For the moment these should be £0 to ensure temporary members are free to attend with no commitment.

Q: MT – Affiliate members, do they have voting rights?

A: It was felt this would be unfair to full members.

Q: MM – Adding a section to constipation constitution (EDIT SM 01/07/2008) to highlight ‘Spirit of the Game’.

A: Quick vote all agreed.

Q: ?? – Membership process. It was felt that membership of the Facebook group did not automatically mean full membership of DUFFA.

A: The Constitution requires clarification to add process of membership including attendance at least two training sessions as a pre-requisite.

Q: AH – Minor formatting problem with a section containing bullet points.

A: To be resolved.


A motion was proposed to ratify the constitution, including the changes discussed and


RESOLVED: Constitution was ratified with no objections


DUFFA Membership

A motion made that all present at the AGM were to be made members, even if they did not meet the two session requirement.


RESOLVED: All present declared members of DUFFA – no objections.


Financial Year Adjustment

JM suggested that the constitution be changed to align the financial year to a standard UK tax year. It was discussed and many stated that they believed this to be unnecessary.


SQUASHED: Financial year remains as described in the constitution.


Signing of Constitution

All present were asked to sign and ratify the constitution and to document membership.


RESOLVED: 21 Signatures received.


Motion to Elect Executive Committee

The newly ratified constitution describes the Executive Committee so it was agreed that each role in turn should be described, as documented in the constitution, and then a process of nomination, seconding, request of willingness from nominee and finally voting if contested by more than one individual would be held.


RESOLVED : All in favour of carrying out elections of Executive Committee.


Executive Committee Nomination and Voting


Executive Chair (aka ‘Lord King’)


  • Alan Heckman (seconded, and received)

  • Shelley Heckman (seconded, and refused)

  • Simon Jermy (seconded, and refused)

  • Steve Senior (seconded, and refused)

  • Yvonne Hung (seconded, and refused)


No contest. Floor asked for objections – none

RESOLVED : Alan Heckman is voted into the Executive Committee in the position of Executive Chair


General and Social Secretary


  • Alan Heckman (seconded, and refused)

  • Steve Morgan (seconded, and accepted)

  • James Griffin (seconded, and refused)

  • Hannah Spokes (seconded, and refused)

  • Sally Humphries (seconded, and refused)


No contest. Floor asked for objections – none

RESOLVED : Steve Morgan is voted into the Executive Committee in the position of General and Social Secretary




  • Shelley Heckman (seconded, and refused)

  • Chef (seconded, and accepted)

  • John Mulliss (seconded, and accepted)

  • James Griffin (seconded, and refused)

  • Martin Tapley (seconded, and refused)

  • Simon Jermy (seconded, and refused)



  • Chef - 7 votes

  • John Mulliss - 10 votes

  • Abstained – 3 votes

RESOLVED : John Mulliss is voted into the Executive Committee in the position of Treasurer


At Large’ - 3 Positions


  • Steve Senior (seconded, and accepted)

  • Simon Jermy (seconded, and accepted)

  • Chef (seconded, and accepted)

  • James Griffin (seconded, and accepted)

  • Hannah Spokes (seconded, and accepted)

  • James Leach (seconded, and accepted)


Due to the complexity of voting for 6 people into 3 positions it was suggested to pull the names out of a hat unless there were any objections to either the method or any of the nominees. This motion was passed and the draw took place.


RESOLVED: James Griffin, Steve Senior and Hanna Spokes are voted into the Executive Committee as ‘At Large’ Members.


RESOlVED: DUFFA is now fully ‘Constituted’.


Motion to Nominate DUFFA Mascot

It was proposed, when the constitution was reviewed, that DUFFA should have a team mascot who would also be an honorary Committee member. The floor was opened to nominations




  • Phil Torpey – The bloke who turns up to DUFFA

  • Duff Man – The beer drinking promo guy for Duff beer from ‘The Simpsons’

  • Knuckles’ – The puppy next door from Alan and Shelley Heckman


During the nomination process it was proposed that this was left to the Committee though the Committee felt that the floor would rather vote for the issue.

Another proposition suggested that all playing team members should double up as a cheerleaders.



  • Phil ‘Scouse’ Torpey – 20 votes

  • Duffa Man – 0 votes

  • All men as cheerleaders – 0 votes

  • Abstained – 0 votes


RESOLVED: Phil’Scouse’ Torpey is the official DUFFA mascot.


Winter Training

It was recognised by all present that the current training times would have to be altered when the nights draw in. The floor was opened for suggestions;

  • Mark Thompson suggested that a friend of his, ‘Canadian Steve’ maybe able to arrange a flood lit pitch for £2 each.

  • Move a session to early Sunday

  • Move a session to Sunday afternoon

  • Indoor Court

  • Wait for Committee to meet and to weigh up the options (and costs etc.)


After a quick vote it was agreed that there should initially be a Sunday session in the early afternoon which will move to accommodate light conditions and the committee would agree on an indoor night.


Invitation to Indoor Regionals Ultimate Event

Chef informed the floor that he was hosting an event in January. Though not an amateur event DUFFA is invited to consider sending a team. It was agreed that when the invitations are sent out in December then the Executive Committee will meet and ask others for their opinions.


Ensure that the DUFFA Ideal of Friendliness is Kept

It was made clear that despite moving to a more official status DUFFA should remain an open and friendly group and ensure that new members are always made to feel welcome regardless of skill level. The was unanimous agreement in the floor on this point. All to ensure that this is carried on.





Motion to Close Proceedings

All present agreed.


RESOLVED: Chair closes first AGM.















Date and Time of Next Annual General Meeting: - tbc

The meeting finished at 2100 approx

Steve Morgan

Minute Secretary to the AGM

9th September 2007